The Romanian evangelist Nicu Butoi is listed as one of the most successful preachers in the world. His life was completely transformed at the age of 16, when he spent a Friday night in the house of the Lord. That night totally changed his vision and priorities. After his baptism, the first thing he did, he asked a pastor for a “book of sermons” so he could be able to present to others the Lord Jesus.


During the Communist era, he found a very ingenious method to preach the Gospel. He chose to work as a residential painter, and his job has given him the opportunity to go in hundreds of houses thus being able to preach and share the Word of hope with others. He was hunted and arrested by Communists for preaching and sharing the Bible. During the 90 days of famine and hard labor he suffered in the penitentiary of Bacau, Nicu Butoi was fed and protected by angels. God also saved him from a secret death sentence. During his prison sentence he never stopped preaching the Gospel, and encouraging those around him, inmates and guardians as well.

After the Romanian revolution, God has placed Nicu Butoi before the “hungry” multitudes, all over the country. He was preaching about Jesus Christ, in public places and many churches.

“I preach anywhere I get called to preach”, he used to say, when he was questioned. “The only place I don’t go to preach is hell because there is nobody there to repent.”

Beginning with 1996 Nicu Butoi was invited to preach in USA, first in penitentiaries, then in Romanian churches, American schools and even Christian television. In 1997 he accepted the invitation to be the senior pastor of the Loma Linda Romanian Seventh Day Adventist Church in California where he remained until 2005 when he answered the call to minister to another Romanian church in London, UK.

In 1998 Nicu Butoi graduated from Bucharest Adventist Theological Institute, Romania and starting with 2004 he enrolled in the doctoral program at Oxford University. Along with his wife, Monica, he enjoys watching their four daughters growing up in stature and wisdom.

The work of Pastor Nicu Butoi is much more extensive than we can portray in a few lines. His actions go beyond the pulpit, transposing into day to day life. An eloquent example is that he makes time for all those who need help without regard to their education, financial situation, or family heritage. Moreover, we can say that his life reflects the image of Jesus and that his vision is above any personal ambitions. So beyond the eminent pastor and evangelist, Nicu Butoi is a very modest and reachable man, who receives hundreds and some days thousands of messages from friends and followers around the world.

(Fragment from an interview with Octavian Cupas in 2007 for The Romanian Times Magazine)